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Dave Eppley is a New York based artist. He is also runs a graphics and lettering company Art World Sign that fabricates large scale installations for some of NYC’s premier museums and art institutions. His art work uses the language of geometry and color in his work to articulate the picture plane, public and museums spaces alike.
“For me making art is just a way to think Often in my career I have been asked to make my work in the space. I am a sign maker by trade so as such I am familiar with materials that lend themselves to floors, walls and glass. When I work in a space I evaluate what is banal or boring about the space and work from that part of it, once I start the work I work amidst my thoughts to make connections in the space and edit those thoughts as they occur, it is not a meditation per se, but some version of my own thought process that includes and loosely articulates the space too”.