Dave Eppley

The key component to my work is space. It is my canvas, but also the ground for my own archeology. In my research and work, I have found that the intricacies of a space provide more information about the space itself than most people recognize. My work is an attempt to draw these intricacies out and find the connections that lie amidst them.

The material I use provides an engaging tool to excavate information that a space may be hiding. Sign vinyl is an industrial tape that has a high bond and comes in different colors. Its primary function is to marry well with architecture, so I have found it ideal for investigations of space. Tape is an object; therefore applying it to any surface is an act of making sculpture. Once adhered, sign vinyl behaves like paint, usurping the texture and tactility of whatever it has been stuck to.

I have realized at this point in my work that a space's potential for an installation/intervention extends beyond the color of the walls and trim. It involves learning the function of the entire building and its immediate surroundings. I hone in on the imperfections and overlooked accessories within the space and use them as an impetus for bringing these separate parts into concert with each other. My intention is to always keep learning how to make work in the space that is derived from the space itself.